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Cryptic Waves

Cryptic Waves

This candle is an upscale scent with a perfect balance of both airy and sophisticated as well as dark and mysterious. The perfect blend of mystery and the sea.

Infused with natural essential oils including cardamom and clove.


Candle Burn Time: 60+ Hours


Top Note: Plum, Clove, Ozone, Salt
Middle Notes: Cardamom, Floral notes
Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Vanilla


100% Soy Wax


Aromatherapy Benefits

Cardamom Essential Oil

  • Calming respiratory & digestive systems
  • Provide relief on motion sickness
  • Stimulating & uplifting
  • Enhance romantic desire


Clove Essential Oil -

  • Mild disinfectant
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Relief respiratory conditions (cough + asthma)


(Reference: Plant Therapy + Healthline)



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